Revit Implementation Services

When an organization begins to utilize a new software package, it will always involve some level of implementation.  While an organization can usually start utilizing a design software immediately with the software defaults, the organization usually desires to modify the software to meet the organizations standards.  Doug Bowers Consulting can assist the organization with all levels of implementation.

Implementation services for Autodesk Revit® may include:

  • Project Template creation and customization incorporating client's standards for items such as lineweights, text, dimensions, title blocks, and schedules

  • Revit® Family creation and customization

  • On-site standardized and/or customized training

  • Project-based training on actual client projects

  • BIM Manager training

  • Various levels of training for users, tailoring training to the client

  • Assistance with project production techniques and questions

  • Assistance with developing BIM Standards

  • Assistance with establishing project collaboration standards

  • Develop BIM Guidelines document outlining standards and processes to be utilized in creating projects

Doug Bowers Consulting will work with you to develop the level of implementation that you desire and is best for your organization.