Customization Services

Design software is developed to accommodate the needs of many users, so is must be general in nature.  Most organizations have specific needs, desires, and standards that take extra effort to accomplish when using the "out of the box" configuration.   Doug Bowers Consulting can assist your organization in automation and customizations that typically speed your design and drafting process, or allow you to accomplish things to your standards.

Customization services may include:

  • Revit® Family creation and customization

  • Revit®  Template customization

  • AutoLISP programming

  • AutoCAD script file development

  • AutoCAD attribute definitions for database data

  • Ribbon customization

  • AutoCAD® Architecture Tool Palette creation and customization

  • Content creation and customization

  • AutoCAD® Architecture style library creation and customization

Doug Bowers Consulting will work with you to develop the level of customization that you desire and is best for your organization.