"Thank you for your presentation and training.  You provided our firm with valuable information and another way to look at services we can provide to our clients.  I like your “common sense” approach to a growing and complex method of transferring ideas to reality."
David Toth AIA, President,
the . architecture . studio …, Revit Architectture implementation

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding training you provided us this week.  Your personality and knowledge of the software made for a very educational three day session."
Matt, Revit Family Creation training

"As with past classes, everyone thought that Doug did an awesome job!"
Roger, Revit MEP training

“I first had the opportunity to work with Doug when BSB contracted Avatech Solutions to do Autodesk Architectural Desktop Training. After what seemed like years of pleading with Doug, he agreed to go to work at Avatech Solution on my team.  He was one of the most directly requested consultants on the team.  Any time Doug went to a client site to do consulting, they always wanted Doug and only Doug to come back.  Now that we both have moved on from Avatech we still keep in touch and work on different projects with or for each other.  As you can tell from the history of our relationship, Doug is a highly skilled, committed friend and colleague.  I am happy to know Doug and would highly recommend him.”
Lonnie Cumpton, Senior Director of Professional Services, U.S. CAD

 "I really enjoyed the presentation. It was very informative."
Scott, AIA E202 Document seminar

 “Doug Bowers is a great instructor and would recommend to co-workers for future training. Would also request him for other training.”
Josh, Revit Architecture Core Concepts class

“Doug Bowers is a great instructor. He stays focused and never really goes off track from what he is teaching. He covered all of his tasks in a timely manner, which always seemed to allow for us to review and have open discussion. Great Job.”
Steven, AutoCAD Architecture Core Concepts class

“Doug Bowers was a very knowledgeable instructor.  He also made this training very interesting.  His easy going demeanor made the training very enjoyable.”
Joe, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

“Doug made the class fun and interactive.  He kept everyone’s attention.”
Gary, AutoCAD Update class

“Doug did a great job answering questions and giving real world applications of the software.  Well done!”
Kama, AutoCAD Architecture Core Concepts class

“Excellent presentation & ability to answer questions & see that everyone understood the procedures.”
Douglas, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

 “WOW.  What can I say.  I was totally blown away.  It was great. Totally looking forward to starting to use the product.”
Jeff, AutoCAD Core Concepts class

”The best instructor that I have ever had!”
Tony, AutoCAD Core Concepts class

”Excellent class.  Doug is a great instructor.”
Steven, Revit Architecture Core Concepts class

“Instructor was very open to receiving questions not covered by the training exercises and provided helpful answers.”
Don, Revit Structure Core Concepts class

“Very well informed instructor with a good rate of speed for the experience level in the room.”
Kathleen, AutoCAD Core Concepts class

“Very good presentation & instructor was always willing to expand the topics as required to clarify questions.”
Joshua, Revit Architecture Core Concepts class

“Great Instructor; Provided great little nuggets of tips & tricks & hidden settings, etc...”
Jesse, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

“There were different levels of CAD knowledge in this class, a lot to none.  The instructor did a great job keeping interest levels high throughout the class.”
Steve, Revit Architecture Core Concepts class

“Mr. Doug Bowers really did a wonderful job on training & informing us about the changes on the software.”
Nina, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

“Our instructor (Doug Bowers) was great… Very knowledgable!!”
Bond, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

“Doug Bowers is highly recommended!!”
Eric, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

“Thank you very much for a great job at instructing this class.  The applications that I learned are much appreciated and I feel more confident going into my new job.”
Kristin, AutoCAD Core Concepts class

“The Instructor was very knowledgeable and accommodating.  The small class size allowed for very hands on training which was extremely helpful.”
Nicholas, Revit Structure Core Concepts class

“Training format was very productive.  Instructor was able to answer questions specific to the way our office operates.”
Christopher, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

“Trainer was very knowledgeable.  I was impressed.”
Juan, AutoCAD Architecture Update class

“Doug did a good job of answering questions and backtracking when he saw our eyes glaze over.  He did not make me feel stupid even when I asked fundamental questions about ADT, like how do you draw a polyline?  He gave me a good overview of what I need to know.”
Wade, AutoCAD Architecture Core Concepts class

“Doug is very knowledgeable and keeps a good productive and friendly attitude in the classroom.”
Dan, AutoCAD Architecture Core Concepts class

“Doug Bowers was great!  This custom training was great.”
Cara, AutoCAD Architecture Update class