Residential Casework Collection

This collection contains over 170 Revit families with over 1300 types/sizes/variations. This provides different options for cabinetry and gives a solid foundation to design a kitchen or other area with standard cabinetry. Cabinetry families are built with flexibility to be modified to accommodate many different custom needs.

Cabinets with doors and/or drawers have the ability to have different door or drawer fronts for each instance of the cabinet being placed allowing for wide flexibility in cabinetry fronts within a project. Users can modify existing door/drawer families to get virtually unlimited cabinetry appearances.  All cabinets, counters, and hardware shown are part of the collection.

Families included in the collection are great for creating realistic renderings with various materials applied by the user.

Corner ExampleCabinet Island Rendering

The following images can be enlarged to see more information about the colllection.

Available FamiliesCabinet Elevation VarietyDoor and Drawers ProvidedPlan and Elevation ViewsUniversal Design CabinetsCabinet Instance ParametersCountertop Instance Parameters


The following PDF file describes the Casework Collection.

Casework Collection Description

The casework collection is currently available in Revit 2019, 2020 and 2021 versions.


Price:    $349.00 U.S.

Email to Purchase

Purchase of this product is for a per office usage and is meant to be used by multiple users in one office of an organization.  If a Casework Collection package will be used by multiple offices, it is requested that multiple copies of the package be purchased out of courtesy to the developer.

This product is not to be shared with users not part of the organization that is purchasing the product.

This product is not to be resold in entirety or in part.



Can families in these products be used with Revit LT?


Will the Casework Collection families work with family organizers and managers?

Yes.  Since the Casework Collection is composed of Revit families, it should integrate with any Revit family management system that organizes families.

Is any special software required to install or use the products?

No.  The families can be copied to your Revit family folder and accessed like any other Revit families.

Can the Casework Collection be used with prior versions of Revit?

No.  Revit files can be used with later versions of Revit, but not earlier/older versions of Revit.

Can I share these files with other organizations?

Only families (and family types) that are placed within a Revit project file (.rvt) for a specific project may be shared with a client, consultant, or other organization working with you.

Do I have to purchase a separate Casework Collection for each user within my organization?

No.  Multiple users in your office may use the families within the Casework Collection.  It is requested that multiple copies of the Casework Collection be purchased for an organization with multiple offices.

Do I have to pay a yearly subscription or any other fees for the Casework Collection?

No.  The purchase price is a one-time fee and allows your organization to use the families for as long as you desire.

How do I create holes in the countertops contained in the Casework Collection?

The voids provided with the Casework Collection can be placed on a counter.  After placing the void, select the Cut command from the Geometry panel of the Modify|Generic Models tab.  Select the countertop, then the void.

How do I put crown molding around the top of the cabinet?

It is recommended that a specialty "wall" be used for the crown molding.  A blog article describes this process at

Do you have support for the products?

For questions, comments, or problems contact